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This t-shirt is the materialization of THE NOTHING’s theory.


It is obvious that the universe is mainly composed of THE NOTHING.


Researchers have been on a mission lately consisting of: figuring out what does compose




carries and shapes universes and galaxies



brings stars together to create life



works in favor of the expansion of ALL


What’s THE NOTHING that we can’t perceive through our 5 (and half) senses?

What is it ? Is everything existencial in the universe should be perceived by us ?


Whatever thing is THE NOTHING,

It reminds me the ways LOVE works





Le t-shirt Nothing est 100 % coton.


Parfait pour ceux qui cherchent à exprimer leur compréhension de l’univers et de sa composition mystérieuse.

Dotée d'un design élégant du RIEN qui constitue la majorité de l'univers, ce t-shirt est parfait pour montrer vos connaissances et votre appréciation de l'immensité de l'espace.



The Nothing T-Shirt is made from 100% cotton.


Perfect for those who are looking to express their understanding of the universe and its mysterious composition.

Featuring a sleek design of the nothingness that makes up the majority of the universe, this shirt is perfect for showing off your knowledge and appreciation of the vastness of space.


The Nothing T-Shirt